Attention! Updated FAQ

You can enter the festival venue any time after 12:00. As mentioned before, however, please allow for security checks at the entrance when planning your arrival.

We regret that for security reasons it will not be possible to leave the venue and come back in during the festival.

Holders of ZTP/P cards must show their ZTP/P card at the entrance. The venue will have a space set aside for their use (see map). Vehicles carrying a ZTP/P card holder will be allowed to come up to the festival gate, but must leave the access road immediately after the ZTP/P card holder gets out. Please note, however, that after the festival is over, for security reasons it will not be possible to pick up ZTP/P card holders by vehicle until all guests have left the venue.

No parking will be available in the immediate vicinity. If you are arriving by car, please use a park-and-ride lot near a metro station and come the rest of the way by public transportation. The metro will be running more often than normal and will continue running after the festival is over to accommodate for extra demand.

Storage space will be available before entering the venue, but capacity is limited. Please bring with you only what you really need (due to limited storage capacity and security checks at the entrance).

Camping is unfortunatelly not possible.

After discussion with the artists’ management, the list of prohibited items has grown somewhat. We apologize to all attendees for these restrictions. Please be assured that we would much prefer it if we did not have to increase security regularly and if we could all enjoy the festival as freely as we did in past years. We live in difficult times, though, and the events of the past several weeks alone force us to adopt such strict security measures. We are sure you understand. Prohibited items now include tablets/iPads, all cameras (including small compact cameras), banners/posters larger than 22 x 25 cm, and lasers.

The following items may not be brought into the venue:
• weapons and anything that could be used as a weapon (brass knuckles, chains, etc.)
• any sharp objects or items with spikes
• umbrellas
• selfie sticks and any other sticks
• cameras (any type, including small compact cameras)
• video cameras, drones, GoPro etc.
• laser pointers
• banners/signs larger than 22 x 25 cm
• tablets/iPads
• drugs
• food
• beverages

No animals will be permitted in the venue.